DNTech featured in la Gazette du Laboratoire

“DNTech: BacterioDec Kit, Automated Bacterial Detection System

The product is at the proof-of-concept stage (TRL3). DNTech is currently carrying out tests on E.coli. DNTech’s compact, intuitive and transportable automaton is designed to be as ergonomic as possible (ease of use, no contact with the sample, simple design, coded keys, etc.).

Once the sample has been taken, it is placed in a cassette, which is inserted into the automated system. Once the sample has been registered, detection is completely autonomous. Once the analysis is complete, the result is displayed on the screen and the cassette can be discarded.

The offer is based on: the sale of the automated system (training in use and testing by the customer), the sale of the BacterioDec kit enabling detection of the desired bacteria (according to the catalog). If the target is not in the catalog, it is possible to produce kits for more specific bacteria (particular pathogenic sequences or sequences common to several strains) – design of the target with the customer, validation and qualification of the product by DNTech teams, ISO 16140-2 certification (if it is a regulatory target), production of consumables by certified suppliers.

The target market is the food industry, and more specifically process hygiene and food safety. Since the machine is transportable, detection can be carried out directly on the food processing line.”

Let’s shape the future of food safety

As the food industry moves towards increased transparency and improved safety, we need to rethink the way we detect pathogens.

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