Food safety

What challenges does your industry face?


Currently, the tests take between 2 and 8 days


Capacity to detect positive tests


Samples are often sent far away for analysis.


Currently ≈10% of revenue is dedicated to quality control


At least 8 steps in a typical process.


Capacity to detect negative tests

Simple, reliable, efficient

DNTech provides solutions for industrial needs

DNTech focuses on industries that are most sensitive to contamination, such as the meat and dairy industries.

icone efficacité
Ease of use

Accessible technology that doesn’t require quality control specific expertise

icone économie financière
Optimize costs

Early detection of contamination to prevent subsequent losses

icone rapide
Results in 2h max

Specific and sensitive results in no time

icone portatif
Portable solution

Can be integrated directly onto your production line

Key figures

Let’s shape the future of food safety

As the food industry moves towards increased transparency and improved safety, we need to rethink the way we detect pathogens.

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